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Christmas is quite a recent tradition in Scotland. It was banned for nearly 400 years until the 1950's, a ban which was strictly enforced by law. The reason Christmas was not celebrated go back to the time of John Knox in the 1580's as it was seen to be papist in origin
Christmas was fairly low key, until recently. It wasn't even a public holiday until 1958. Up till then, people worked normally on Christmas day, although the children did get presents
Most if not all Christmas celebrations nowadays have been brought in from other cultures such as England and the US
Like all the other kids i went to school with i always kept an eye on the television adverts in the run up to christmas, making sure to point out all the things i would like Santa to bring me. I will admit i did get a bit carried away with this, pointing out every single toy i saw! Luckily my parents were way too smart to fall for this and decided what they wanted Santa to bring me instead and yes, i was always pleased and surprised by their choices!
I always remember one particular christmas eve when Dad arrived home from work as we were decorating the tree, only to find out that the lights weren't working. We were so disapointed that even though he was tired he got back in the car and went and bought us some new lights. I remember thinking "My Dad's a hero, he's just saved christmas!"