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Colin McRae
5th August 1968 ~ 15th September 2007

From an early age, Colin McRae made clear his love of cars, aged two he would beg to sit on the lap of an adult driver. He himself could not remember a time when he wasn't interested in cars and  would spend time watching his Grandfather working in his dook (workshop)
However at the age of seven Colin was to take a detour towards motorbikes, despite his Mother Magaret's loathing for two wheeled machinery. Colin remained undettered despite being unable to stop unless he fell off and was soon building his own partially assembled kits and competing in trials less than five years later
By the age of fourteen he had won the Scottish Junior Scrambling and Intermediate Trials which was to satisfy his need for speed until he could swap two wheels for four. Driving patched up scrapyard cars with friends on a patch of private land near his home in Lanark. He later swapped his trials bike for an old mini, an autotest car and was soon ready for his first rally in 1985 after winning the West of Scotland Autotest title
Colin made his rally debut in an Avenger on the Kames Stages in Scotland finishing 14th overall
The McRae's purchased a Talbot Sunbeam in support of their son's initiative. he also joined the family heating and plumbing business where he spent most of his time mainting the company vans and preparing the Sunbeam
The 1986 Esso Scottish Championship saw him finish 18th overall and earned him the Jaggy Bunnet Flying Brick Award for the hardest trier. This was to be followed by even bigger and better things:


Some Of The Titles Won
Mini 1275
Subaru Legacy. Co-driver Derek Ringer
British Rally Champion
Subaru Impreza 555. Co-driver Derek Ringer
World Champion

Following Colin's World Rally Championship win in 1995 in which he beacame Britain's first and only World Champion, he was awarded the MBE by the Queen
Colin's Championship winning Impreza 555, which was gifted to him by Subaru today takes pride of place in Lanark's museum
Colin McRaes pedal to the metal style of driving as well as his obvious love for his sport won him legions of fans, especially in Scotland where he was seen as a great ambassador for his country, choosing as he did to continue to live in Lanark, where he grew up with his wife Alison and children Hollie & Johnny
Those same fans were devastated when Colin along with his five year old son Johnny were killed in a hellicopter crash on the 15th September 2007


I found this poem online and i just had to include it here as it is such a fitting tribute to both Colin and Johnny
Up at five and really so keen,
To see the bond of man and machine

3 hours to drive to get to the start
We all have a laugh and so full of heart

We know it is early, the weather is damp
But we need to see cars come off the ramp

Through fog and rain we push on with style
We know the main man is due in a while

Then comes a whistle, the marshal says time
A car is now coming through forests of pine

Its howl is so frightening, like a banshee on heat
There is no escape, as we shuffle our feet

And suddenly now its why we are here
McRae over crest of course in top gear!

Its been worth the wait, the weather, the toil,
To see the brave Scot here on home soil

But now there is silence, and its deafening too
Cos you and the wee man have bid us adieu

So rest in peace Colin you and your lad
You gave us your best, John be proud of your dad

The memories you left us are all just the best
You shone like a star, just simply the best

Colin you're a mate and thats what we all thought
It made you our hero and that just can't be bought

Now you're in heaven with your boy and at rest
But you left us the true meaning of FLAT OVER CREST!