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Robert Burns
25th January 1759 ~ 21st July 1796


Born in a small cottage in Alloway on the 25th January 1759,
Robert Burns was destined to become Scotlands best loved poet
Burns had humble origins. His father William a gardener from Kincardinshire built the two room cottage or "but and ben" on a modest plot of land he leased from a local landowner
Roberts mother Agnes Broun would entertain her young son by singing him traditional Scottish songs and a distant cousin would spellbind him with tales of ghosts and witches
The wildlife that features in much of Roberts poetry were inspired by the many animals and birds he encountered as he roamed the countryside around his childhood home
Robert wrote his first song at the age of 15, Handsome Nell which was based on Nellie Kilpatrick, his partner in the fields at harvest time. Nellie was to be the first of many women who were an inspiration for Roberts poetry 

Every year on the 25th January, Scots around the world celebrate Burns Night at Burn's Suppers. The meal served at these suppers being the traditional haggis, tatties and neeps washed down with a wee dram or two. And of course no Burn's Supper would be complete without the reciting of Burn's poems especially                                Address To The Haggis.
January the 25th 2009 marks the 250th anniversary of The Bard's birth

Handsome Nell

A Red, Red Rose

Auld Lang Syne

Tam O' Shanter

Address To A Haggis

Love For Love